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DESIGN-BUILD vs. DESIGN-BID-BUILDBella Vista-Bentonville, AR

The design-build concept that Ozark Mountain Home Builder utilizes has become very popular in the construction industry due to its desirable cost savings, scheduling and quality control of workmanship.

The design-build method has a series of benefits that frees the client from the burdens of multi-contractual responsibilities by dealing with only one leading entity instead of several.  The design-build process can also protect you from potential costly changes due to moderate alterations in design that are inevitable in the traditional design-bid-build construction process.

The design-build process adopted by Ozark Mountain Home Builder embraces design and construction services all under the umbrella of one single contract that results in cost savings and minimizes efforts while expediting the construction process of your project.

FROM START TO FINISHSpringfield-Branson, MO

The design-build concept is efficient and cost effective, saving the client money. The construction process runs smoother by combining the many redundant lines of communications for design and contracting all into one single voice that reports to the client.

The design-build strategy minimizes the client’s involvement in the unpleasant nuts and bolts aspect of the process, but maximize on the benefits in the early stage of design, development, budgeting, costs tracking, scheduling, and most importantly the joy and satisfaction.

The design-build method will save the client time and money, while assigning the cost risk to the design/build contractor, Ozark Mountain Home Builder.  Serving clients in the Ozark Mountain Region of Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

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